Carpe The Sunset

Nearly every week I post these sunset snapshots on Facebook. I am often asked where I take these photos and why. They are from my Father’s terrace. The same apartment where I was born and raised on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Anyone out there caring for an ailing parent? I won’t need to explain to you the “why.” My dad has Parkinson’s. Advanced. A once brilliant conversationalist and now I can understand no more than 5% of what he says. He needs help to do… everything. We have incredible women, home health aides, who work tirelessly to ensure his well-being. Dedicated, patient and loving. Nevertheless, he still falls. Gets badly banged up. Today he looks like an 85-year-old defeated prize-fighter after 15 rounds.

I am exhausted. Depleted. In a way that can’t be articulated. Much like parenthood. You have to live this to know it. The privilege, tenderness, and stress of caring for someone you love.

So I take these photos. Because the view is stunning. Because they make me stop and take it all in. And because I know that a time will come when there will be no more photos from the 35th floor of East 85th Street.

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