Left Of July REVIEW

“This has been one of my most played recordings, period. You will never get tired of Jenny’s beautiful voice. The way she seems to finesse each note of her lyrically crafted melodies. Each song leaves you wanting for more. This is one of my all time favorite CD’s and I’m certain you will find these tunes will enhance you life and years she has given me happy ears !” – Jazz Critic

Soul On Fire REVIEW

“New York’s Jenny Bruce’s Soul On Fire is an intelligent record full of pathos and gentle ironies; sort of like Paula Cole, but not nearly as whiny. This is Triple A as good as it gets…” – Music Connection

“Bruce inhabits that folky sphere of things that is also populated by the likes of Shawn Colvin, Suzanne Vega and Paula Cole setting up camp far enough away from any of them that you can’t easily trace a path from one to the other. The closest possible influence I could find would be Aimee Mann. Soul on Fire is an excellent album, well worth seeking out — really good music from a really interesting artist.” – John Scalzi (award winning author and writer for

Jenny Bruce REVIEW

“Jenny Bruce makes music like an early summer storm: intense, sometimes dark, but ultimately refreshing… If the sun isn’t shining on her, you still get the feeling she believes it’s shining somewhere. References to Paula Cole or an edgier Jewel might work… Bruce always takes a clear-eyed look at the distance between dreams and reality, the comforts of home and the soul of a gypsy… “I hear your voice through the darkness and it’s music to my ears,” she sings on the opening track. Listeners may well share that sentiment upon discovering Jenny Bruce.” – Music Direct, New Music Review, volume 14



What Fans Are Saying…

“When your world turns upside down you want to listen to someone who actually gets it; who… will soothe you back to sanity – that singer/songwriter, person would be Jenny Bruce.” –  Seth, GA


“Soul On Fire is amazing. I first heard Jenny Bruce live at a little vegetarian restaurant here in Omaha, and I couldn’t help but buy her CD that night. It’s turned out to be one of my absolute favorites CDs in all of my collection, and it’s always close to my CD player. I could listen to “Comfort”, “Home” and “Amsterdam” over and over…and I sometimes do! This CD is a must have.” – Emily, NE


“I am addicted! Jenny has such a soothing voice, and really hard-hitting lyrics. She really is a special artist, and if you haven’t heard her music, YOU MUST!!!!” – Kristen, NY

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