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What Fans Are Saying…

“When your world turns upside down you want to listen to someone who actually gets it; who… will soothe you back to sanity – that singer/songwriter, person would be Jenny Bruce.” –  Seth, GA


“Soul On Fire is amazing. I first heard Jenny Bruce live at a little vegetarian restaurant here in Omaha, and I couldn’t help but buy her CD that night. It’s turned out to be one of my absolute favorites CDs in all of my collection, and it’s always close to my CD player. I could listen to “Comfort”, “Home” and “Amsterdam” over and over…and I sometimes do! This CD is a must have.” – Emily, NE


“I am addicted! Jenny has such a soothing voice, and really hard-hitting lyrics. She really is a special artist, and if you haven’t heard her music, YOU MUST!!!!” – Kristen, NY

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