Skater Boy

I’ve heard a lot of talk about flash mobs.  Honestly, the whole concept was kind of annoying.  I’d never seen one, not in person – like most, I’ve seen that Oprah’s birthday Black Eyed Peas concert… Yeah, that’s kind of sweet… and annoying.


On Saturday, I was in a pizzeria eating with my kids and husband (mmmmm, Pizza) when I heard an unusual hooting and roaring from the street.  We all looked out the window onto Columbus Avenue and, where there had been taxi cabs, buses and cars seconds before, there was a flash mob of skateboarders.  Hundreds of men, women, boys and girls on skateboards, a guy in a pink tutu, another in a bathing suit came zooming down the avenue completely stopping traffic.  We all walked outside of the pizzeria and stood on the sidewalk for a solid five minutes while skateboarders whooped and whooshed their way downtown.  In fact everyone stopped and watched, smiles of confusion frozen on our faces.

It was very silly, yes.  But I did think it was  pretty cool.  They were having so much fun, drawing us out of our regular routine of pizza and whatever random soccer game the Croatian pizza man has on the flat-screen.  It was a brief reminder that unpredictability is often a good thing.  Predictably, however, right after the stragglers of the mob, dozens of police cars and motorcycles followed, herding the boarders together, trying to keep order.

The next day I googled skateboarders take over NYC and I found a site called skatebomb.  Not sure what that’s about, but apparently this flashmob had been banned and had been denied a permit to take over the streets.  But they did it anyway.

As far as I know, no one was hurt.  My boys loved it – especially the guy in the tutu and the other guy in a Speedo.

I loved it, because it reminded me that I used to be impulsive and fun.  Maybe I still have that ability.





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