Shadow Puppets!

On Wednesday of this week, I will co-lead my first Professional Development! We will be using the app, Shadow Puppet Edu! This app was introduced to me in my first class at Teachers College, Technology & School Change, led by the brilliant Dr. Ellen Meier.  

Currently, I am the Director of Communications for a large preschool (240 students) that has undergone significant changes in leadership over the past five years. Our teachers are, understandably, uncomfortable with change. As a result of all the changes in leadership, most of our teachers have developed a protective stance on their individual practice and classroom.

Drumroll here… I will attempt to implement various aspects of Design Thinking in this PD! My dream is to crack open the doorway to a more collaborative, rewarding teaching and learning environment. Mostly, at this juncture, I hope our teachers will have fun using this app and will be intrigued by seeing curriculum from a slightly different perspective. Having fun would be a great start!

At this point, I have very limited experience in leading this type of professional development. For that reason, and because collaboration is key, I am working closely with my school’s education coordinators.

Ambitious, eh?  Very! Nervous. Yep. More to come next week.

Wish me luck!

© 2018 Jenny Bruce