Multiple award-winning songwriter and singer, Jenny Bruce, has a lot of life stories to tell. She weaves them into the fabric of her songs that unfolds for her listeners so effortlessly, like a soft linen handkerchief in the warm summer breeze. Her latest album, Firefly in a Jar, conveys not only her depth as a songwriter but also her convictions as a wife, a daughter and a mother.

After listening to the title track from Bruce’s album, I was blown away. Her vocals just flow freely carrying the weight of the lyrics and sentiments along with them. She had written the song about her mother who had passed away just months after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Bruce said, “My mother was my best friend. We spoke daily. Losing her was traumatic. Especially as I had just become a new mother myself. She was my beacon. My biggest fan. My closest confidante. I pet her head as she slipped away. Letting her go was the saddest day of my life. Ten years later, the void she left in my life is still painful. Nothing is here forever, no matter how beautiful, special, precious. We are tiny little blips, like fireflies.”

I know I’ll be adding this gem to my summer evening playlist! I’ll also be checking out the rest of Jenny Bruce’s new album, Firefly in a Jar, now available on iTunes.

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Jenny Bruce Firefly in a Jar Review

Jenny Bruce will immediately touch listeners with her own inimitable vocal style. Little more is needed during Complicated Hearts than Bruce and her guitar, the combination of which makes for a varied and deep introduction to her Firefly in a Jar EP.

The titular track to his EP has an intimate and contemplative touch that is highlighted to the richness of Bruce’s guitar arrangements. The unification of these two elements during Change, a Holly Knight original allows Bruce to add her own unique flair to the mix. Giving Up The Ghost is a wonderful conclusion to this EP, showcasing Bruce’s ability to create something that would work well on radio.

Top Tracks: Giving Up The Ghost, Firefly in a Jar

Rating: 8.3/10

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 It’s not everyday that I get bowled over by an artist, but with music this good, it’s hard to not gush a little.  I had the privelege and pleasure of interviewing Jenny Bruce, singer-songwriter extraordinaire.  In her interview below, Ms. Bruce provides a candid view of her successes and struggles as a songwriter, including her numerous songwriting accolades and national TV licensing deals as well as her experience opening for Gavin DeGraw in New York City.  With an impressive resume that includes touring the globe and a fourth studio album – Firefly in a Jar – set to release in early 2016, Jenny Bruce sets the bar for successful singer-songwriters not only with her remarkable talent but also her humble and gracious spirit with which she wields it.  Read More




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