BOOM by Cindy Joseph, is inspiring. Pro-aging. There’s a notion. Forget all this anti-aging nonsense. As if anything could stop time.

Why do we fight it? Some things are certainly worth opposing. Social injustice, the Trumpster. Aging? Growing old is a gift. My Mom made it to 61 and she was so beautiful and full of life until she became ill. She was fortunate to live that long. Life is so fleeting, why do we spend so much of it fighting the inevitable and tearing ourselves down?

How we age is, if we are lucky, up to us. Caking on the powder and pouring on the hair dye isn’t fooling anyone. Not really. It also sends the message that what we are, who we, are needs to be covered up or disguised. That isn’t how I feel inside.

I really don’t want to judge, here. Everyone is entitled to handle aging the way they want. It’s just that, when I look at this woman, I feel inspired to embrace aging and cease the war against myself, against my self-image. Why do I hate every photo of me? I know I’m not alone. It’s terrible! We women focus on each flaw and wrinkle.

OK, so I haven’t been brave enough to let the gray do it’s thing. Maybe, just, maybe, this will inspire me. Every time my gray starts to grow in, I wait about a month and then cave and head to the salon for a touch-up.

I have never been big onr makeup, except for some mascara as my eyelashes are all but invisible and always were. I don’t know that I’ll ever give that up. Who knows… However, I really struggle with hair color. It feels very scary to go gray as I’ve been highlighting my hair for well over 20 years! I have no idea what would happen if I just stopped it all.

I will turn 50 this year – God willing and the creek don’t rise, as my grandmother liked to say. As I edge towards that birthday, I hope to further embrace who I am, where I am. Cindy Joseph, you rock. You are gorgeous.

Frankly, while her outer beauty is remarkable, her personality and vitality are what shine the brightest. xo

© 2018 Jenny Bruce