Welcome to my new blog!

I am still here…  Does anyone every really walk away from being an artist.  Is creativity a door that can be simply shut or opened?

It is my firm belief that we all, as human beings, have that creative spark within us.  To dampen it is to extinguish a vital part of ourselves.  So… whatever your means of expressing your creativity, let it shine today in some way.  Every day.  Find a way, big or small, to bring a little color, a little sparkle, a new perspective on your world – however big or small.  Whether it’s making a special lunch for your kid, putting together a nice bouquet of flowers for your home, thinking of a new way to throw a frisbee or writing a song (my fave) do what you can.

Today, I am writing this little blog (I’m using the word ‘little’ a lot!) while listening to Pandora – Ingrid Michaelson just sang “Just Keep Breathing.”  That’s right, girlfriend!  Such a beautiful song, such essential words.

Just keep breathing, folks.




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