Supermoon.  Tantalizingly close and bright, peeking through glowing clouds.  She has been the overtly symbolic and visible backdrop to my 50th birthday which came and went on November 14th.

Because its visible cycles mirrored the life of woman, the ancients believed that the moon was the representative of the Triple Goddess. Her three incarnations of maiden, mother, and crone were closely matched with the lunar phases of new, full, and old; therefore, the complete triad of goddesses is symbolized in the changing face of the moon.  – By: Annie B. Bond

No new moon here, I am a FULL moon.  Not quite ready for the crone stage just yet.

The moon’s monthly journey around our earth influences not only the tides of our oceans, but also our female bodies.  As a nation we have been on an emotional roller-coaster these past weeks, and moon or not, I have felt my moods sway back and forth like the deadly edge of Edgar Allan Poe’s pendulum. To make matters worse, when the moon is full I often have a difficult time sleeping (well, even MORE difficult than usual). How fitting that on the day of my 50th birthday, there would be a full-on supermoon.

The Moon reflects the mystery and fear within our souls. It reflects to us all that we cannot see inside ourselves because we cannot look directly at the brilliant sun. We look to the moon to see our face, just as we look into the mirror to see ourselves because we can never directly look at our own face.

As I look in the mirror and see the deepening lines of time across my face, my gratitude runs yet deeper for the life I have lived.  I have filled my years to the brim and will continue to seek out new challenges and experiences so that I may show my children,  by example, that life is for the living not the existing.

Download "Firefly in a Jar" on iTunes!

Download “Firefly in a Jar” on iTunes!

In this youth-obsessed society, age is something we hide rather than celebrate.  Let it be known, there will be no hiding from this fifty year old woman.  Life is finite.  Here on the other side of the hill, I will seek out joy and give in to the sometimes overwhelmingness of it all.  I will strive to continue creating with my mind in ways my body may not.

For my beautiful boys, my husband of nearly 30 years, my family, dear, dear friends, my health, my heart, my struggles and victories I am grateful.

Thank you for the wonderful birthday wishes.



P.S. Painting by my dear friend Tara Dixon

© 2018 Jenny Bruce