Songs & Ghosts

Songs and Ghosts is a blog and podcast with award winning singer/songwriter, Jenny Bruce. Bruce brings her passion for music and her fascination with the paranormal to explore the connection between music and the invisible.


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Music Xray

If you could see deeper into music, like through a music x-ray machine, what would it look like? Not just the sound waves. What if you could gauge the potential success of a song? This weekend I taught a Songwriting Masterclass with my old, dear friend, Tina Shafer who created the New York Songwriter Circle 25 … Read More

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Living by Design

Ever imagine what it’s like to be a human pinball machine? Why on earth would you! That’s kind of what my brain on ADHD feels like. Ideas pinging, color bursts, moving fast, what’s that sound? Exciting news, missing the mark, ping. Hands tapping, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, neck muscles tensed, adrenaline rush, look at those pretty lights! … Read More

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