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Songs and Ghosts is a blog and podcast with award winning singer/songwriter, Jenny Bruce. Bruce brings her passion for music and her fascination with the paranormal to explore the connection between music and the invisible.


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When We Were Very Young, And Then We Were Not

“What day is it?”, asked Winnie the Pooh “It’s today,” squeaked Piglet “My favorite day,” said Pooh” – A. A. Milne In troubling times, we sometimes forget to notice the little BIG things. I love this quote from A.A. Milne. Today is “my favorite day. To Read More on The Huffington Post, CLICK HERE.

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Teachable Moment

Let me start by saying that I have always considered myself an open-minded person. As someone who creates music, writes, and works in the education field, that shouldn’t be a stretch. For the past twelve years, I have worked at a preschool as an administrator (currently as Director of Communications). Educators and school administrators are, by … Read More

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