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Songs and Ghosts is a blog and podcast with award winning singer/songwriter, Jenny Bruce. Bruce brings her passion for music and her fascination with the paranormal to explore the connection between music and the invisible.


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Learning about this Design Thinking is an itch on my brain. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around this in school and I think I’m coming a bit closer to taking in how it works. Innately, I’m a more instinctive, abstract thinker and it has taken me a great deal of effort to edge closer … Read More

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Need Space from Cyberspace

I need space. Three words you never want to hear in a relationship. That is how I am feeling with the internet, email and social media. Technology. Relationships of all sorts are about balance. Prioritizing. How do you maintain balance and keep technology from running amuck and taking over your life? No, really. That is … Read More

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Listen to my Podcasts!