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Creativity Advice From the Ivy League

I enjoyed reading this article from the Harvard Business Review!

To Get More Creative Become Less Productive!

“Creativity needs time and space to grow. Although we can systematically engage in activities that are related to creativity, it is hard to systematize creativity itself.”

Yes! That sums up what I have been doing for the past decade. Participating in activities RELATED to creativity, but only recently do I feel I have reconnected with being creative which requires carving out time in an impossibly overly scheduled life. Pretty sure there is no way around it.  Creativity needs time and space to grow.  Can’t say it better than that.

Few things top the feeling of the moment inspiration hits.  Inspiration means the drawing in of breath. Pretty hard to be alive without breathing, eh?

Love the tiny people sitting on the rim of the coffee mug, BTW.

Thanks for the reminder, Harvard.